• Date: 18 Nov 2014
  • Category: News

The human body is a fascinating thing when you consider how much it’s changed over millions of years in response to our changing lifestyle. When you look at ancient man, it’s clear that he was built for a very different life than us – everything from the size of his head to the amount of […]

  • Date: 12 Nov 2014
  • Category: News

We pride ourselves in delivering dental treatments in a way that is as painless and easy as possible on our patients.  But we know that most people don’t necessarily like coming to the dentist, even under the best circumstances. Coming in for a simple checkup and cleaning is usually no big deal, but having to […]

  • Date: 23 Oct 2014
  • Category: News

In between visits to your dentist it can be very easy to get complacent about oral health, especially because the signs of potential gum and teeth problems are not always obvious. It’s quite normal for patients to believe that they have exemplary oral hygiene only to have a nasty shock when the dentist tells them […]

Memorizing and nailing down a morning dental routine isn’t that tough, but it’s surprising how many of us aren’t doing it properly. Sure, missing one step one day isn’t going to derail your oral health, but the problem is that many people consistently skip key parts of the routine.  And it’s the daily bad habits […]