Zoom Whitening

zoomThe Zoom In-Office Whitening System is a well established, dentist-supervised teeth whitening procedure that is quite effective on most discolored teeth. In-office whitening, also referred to as chair-side bleaching, usually requires just a single visit to the dentist to achieve the desired results.

Zoom Whitening is ideal for anyone looking for fast teeth whitening results. The active whitening agent used in the Zoom system is hydrogen peroxide, which has been established as a safe ingredient in a wide range of dental and periodontal treatments.
Your teeth will lighten by several shades within just one hour! No need to wear mouth trays at home for several days to get the results you want.

How the ZOOM Whitening System Works

The ZOOM system makes use of a proprietary light-activated gel developed through years of research by the Discus Dental group. This scientifically formulated gel contains pH-balanced hydrogen peroxide which, when activated by the special ZOOM light, penetrates through the enamel and into the dentin to remove discolorations and deep stains. The formula does not affect teeth structure which is why this is a safe and effective teeth lightening procedure.

ZOOM Whitening Treatment Procedure

Zoom Whitening is a simple and pain-free procedure which begins with isolating the oral soft tissues (your lips and gums), either using a protective gel or a rubber shield. Zoom whitening gel is then applied to the teeth after which it is activated with a special laser light. Lasers are widely used for teeth whitening treatments to enhance the action and effect of the whitening agent. On the average, your teeth should lighten by at least six to ten shades. The dentist completes the procedure with a 5-minute fluoride treatment for best results.

The ZOOM In-Office Whitening System is the revolutionary way to get whiter and brighter teeth that will bring back your dazzling smile. Talk to your dentist today about how ZOOM can make all that difference for you!